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New finding in the source code

It can be excluded that it can be used to change votes or manipulate elections unnoticed.

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Published on 25.03.2019

How findings are categorized in the public intrusion test

From 25 February to 24 March, Swiss Post is conducting a public intrusion test on its e-voting system. In this blog post, we’ll explain how any findings will be categorized and how compensation payments are set.

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Published on 06.03.2019

Information about the «leak» of the source code of the e-voting system

The answers on the key questions are given below.

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Published on 18.02.2019

Vicky the Viking and universal verification

Vicky the Viking lives in the village of Flake. Time after time, he succeeds in defending his village against powerful attackers thanks to his many clever ideas. Similarly, many clever ideas have been developed in research to protect e-voting against powerful attackers. The most important of these is universal verification.

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Published on 12.02.2019

Fact and fiction

The recent decision by the Geneva authorities to abandon the development of their e-voting application is stirring a debate in which legitimate concerns citizens have are met with a tide of incoherent information that combines politics and technological confusion.

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Published on 20.12.2018