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Vicky the Viking and universal verification

Vicky the Viking lives in the village of Flake. Time after time, he succeeds in defending his village against powerful attackers thanks to his many clever ideas. Similarly, many clever ideas have been developed in research to protect e-voting against powerful attackers. The most important of these is universal verification.

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Published on 12.02.2019

Fact and fiction

The recent decision by the Geneva authorities to abandon the development of their e-voting application is stirring a debate in which legitimate concerns citizens have are met with a tide of incoherent information that combines politics and technological confusion.

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Published on 20.12.2018

A storm in a teacup

In recent days, the disclosure of a “flaw” in the e-voting system used by the canton of Geneva has featured widely on Swiss social networks. In my opinion, the majority of these statements are populist by people who have only glossed over the subject. Here is the “flaw” from a technical point of view.

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Published on 09.11.2018

New videos explain e-voting

Various videos have been published in recent weeks which explain how e-voting works and how it is secured.

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Published on 13.07.2018

Do Trojan horse and watering hole attacks pose a risk to e-voting?

Malware attacks are common on the Internet and they can take different forms. Here we will look at Trojan horse and watering hole attacks in the context of e-voting. Article by Patrick Pleinevaux, Principal Security Architect, Kudelski Security.

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Published on 31.05.2018