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Publication of proof of cryptographic protocol

Swiss Post is publishing documents concerning the cryptographic protocol for its system.

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Published on 22.03.2018

People must weigh up the risks of e-voting

A parliamentary motion has the goal of submitting e-voting systems to public penetration testing with a bug bounty.

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Published on 01.12.2017

E-voting at the Swiss Cyber Storm conference

The eighth Swiss Cyber Storm conference was held in Lucerne on 18 October 2017.

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Published on 06.11.2017

A storm in a teacup

In recent days, the disclosure of a “flaw” in the e-voting system used by the canton of Geneva has featured widely on Swiss social networks. In my opinion, the majority of these statements are populist by people who have only glossed over the subject. Here is the “flaw” from a technical point of view.

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Preventing phishing attacks on e-voting

Phishing attacks are ubiquitous on the Internet. This means that the attacks may also threaten voters who want to cast their vote electronically. But what exactly is phishing and how can you protect yourself against it when using e-voting? A guest column by Dr. Christian Folini.

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