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New finding in the source code

It can be excluded that it can be used to change votes or manipulate elections unnoticed.

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Published on 25.03.2019

Information about the «leak» of the source code of the e-voting system

The answers on the key questions are given below.

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Published on 18.02.2019

Democracy is being entrusted to a private company – and other misunderstandings

Swiss Post welcomes the more in-depth reporting and public debate on e-voting, and wishes to share its perspective by addressing some recurring misunderstandings.

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Published on 04.02.2019

Publication of proof of cryptographic protocol

Swiss Post is publishing documents concerning the cryptographic protocol for its system.

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Published on 22.03.2018

Accessible e-voting

Accessibility of websites, applications and online services as a promoted measure is an expression of accessibility for the disabled as practised and lived by more and more companies and authorities.

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Published on 24.10.2017