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E-voting: what does it mean here – and what does it mean elsewhere?

Since 2004, Switzerland has been building on its experience with e-voting – the option of voting online in an election or referendum, regardless of location. What forms of electronic voting are used around the world? A brief overview.

Overview over voting channels
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Published on 14.08.2018

Federal Council wants to transition e-voting into regular operation

The Federal Council examined the final report of the “Vote électronique” group of experts and made various decisions regarding the next steps for e-voting. It wants to create a legal basis for the transition of electronic voting into regular operation.

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Published on 27.06.2018

Federal Council approves e-voting in Thurgau

The Federal Council approved the use of e-voting in the Canton of Thurgau for a two-year period.

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Published on 20.06.2018

Federal Council decides next steps for expanding electronic voting

The Federal Council has agreed on various measures for the universal introduction of electronic voting.

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Published on 04.04.2017