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Fact and fiction

The recent decision by the Geneva authorities to abandon the development of their e-voting application is stirring a debate in which legitimate concerns citizens have are met with a tide of incoherent information that combines politics and technological confusion.

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Published on 20.12.2018

Canton of Vaud receives approval for e-voting

On 28 September 2018, the Federal Council authorized the Canton of Vaud to run an electronic voting trial. Vaud will use CHVote, the system from the Canton of Geneva.

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Published on 02.10.2018

Graub√ľnden opts for Swiss Post

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Published on 01.10.2018

Federal Council approves e-voting in Thurgau

The Federal Council approved the use of e-voting in the Canton of Thurgau for a two-year period.

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Published on 20.06.2018

News from the cantons

Basel-Stadt Court of Appeal rejects appeal made by the Canton of Geneva and Glarus to procure an e-voting system in 2018.

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Published on 08.01.2018