The time is right for e-voting

The time is right for e-voting 16.11.17

In an article that appeared in the Swiss IT magazine Netzwoche in October 2017, two authors consider why e-voting in Switzerland has not progressed more quickly and how it could be implemented across Switzerland faster.

The Confederation and cantons have been carrying out mandatory tests with online voting since the 2000s. Fortunately, Switzerland has taken on a pioneering role in this field compared to the rest of the world. The forward-looking project aims to implement electronic voting across Switzerland to provide a third, complementary voting option. Although 14 cantons have already carried out votes and elections successfully using the new voting option, the introduction of this modern form of casting votes is progressing relatively slowly. The motto defined by the Confederation and cantons, “safety before speed”, certainly rings true in this instance. However, ways should be found to push ahead with implementing e-voting across all cantons.

Click here to go to the full article in Netzwoche (only available in German)

Anina Weber is a project manager at Trisolutions AG and Werner Zecchino is co-founder and partner at emineo AG.