Graubünden opts for Swiss Post

Graubünden opts for Swiss Post 01.10.2018

The canton of Graubünden has decided to introduce e-voting using the Swiss Post system. The canton plans to use e-voting for the first time in spring 2020.

With 98 votes for and 3 against, Graubünden’s cantonal parliament voted at the beginning of 2018 in favour of amending the legislation so that e-voting can be introduced. Now the cantonal government has chosen Swiss Post’s e-voting system in a public service tender.

The introduction of e-voting will take place in two stages. Firstly, a pilot phase with six municipalities is due to begin in 2020. Then e-voting will be extended to all municipalities in 2021. This means that the municipalities will be able to decide for themselves if and to what extent they want to use e-voting. It is also planned that voters will have to register in order to gain access to electronic voting.

Link to the press release from the Cantonal Government of Graubünden (in German)