News from the cantons

News from the cantons 08.01.18

Basel-Stadt Court of Appeal rejects appeal made by the Canton of Geneva

The Basel-Stadt Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal made by the Canton of Geneva. Geneva contested the decision made by the Canton of Basel-Stadt in favour of Swiss Post’s e-voting solution at the beginning of March 2017. Geneva’s appeal opposed its exclusion from the procurement procedure. According to the Court of Appeal, Geneva’s exclusion was justified. As soon as the judgment becomes final, Swiss Post will be free to introduce its e-voting solution in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Glarus to procure an e-voting system in 2018

The Canton of Glarus has published a call for tenders for an e-voting system. By April 2018, a decision regarding the choice of solution and provider will be made under a tendering procedure and the solution will be implemented.

As of the beginning of 2019, e-voting will become available for the 26,000 voters in the Canton of Glarus (full electorate). The aim is to enable a higher proportion of electronic votes to be cast through a secure e-voting system in the foreseeable future. Glarus would like to implement the system for all voters in both the National Council and Council of States elections in 2019.